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Europhoenix specialises in the overhaul and export of AC electric locomotives, and through our overhaul partners, diesel-electric locomotives. In this way we provide maximum benefit and utilisation of proven traction technology, through effective re-use of otherwise redundant assets.

We also provide training and consultancy services for all aspects of AC traction.

Our unique specialisation in AC electric motive power has developed over 15 years of dedication to the maintenance and operation of AC traction.

We have over 100 years of combined experience to call upon, and our expertise and knowledge base has generated a wide range of activities, including our thriving Export Management Service.

Class 87s for Bulmarket

Low-cost, reconditioned locomotive solutions for new-generation and established operators.

  • A new concept in locomotive supply.
  • Reconditioned electric and diesel-electric locomotives, ideal for open-access, new start and established operators.
  • Low cost, rapid introduction, excellent post-export support services.

Europhoenix now incorporates Electric Traction Services Limited.


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