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Offering a low-cost solution to open-access, new-generation and established operators, Europhoenix was developed to fill the gap in available 25kV traction, through the rejuvenation of locomotives previously displaced from service in the UK.

Locomotives have been subject to full examinations, the overhaul or replacement of equipment, modifications and updates to meet UK or European standards, and fully tested prior to re-use or export.

Because no two operators are alike, Europhoenix offered customisations to the basic design, including regearing, single or twin pantograph arrangements, etc. For exported locomotives, UK signalling, train supply and radio systems were removed as standard.

Europhoenix also offers UK and Europe-based type training, oversees acceptance procedures and provides full on-site support as needed (the team can be on location with just three days notice).

We also provide full spares backup.

The success of the concept, spurred on by the export of Class 87 locomotives to Bulgaria, has led to the export of a number of Class 86 locomotives to Floyd in Hungary, the rejuvenation of locomotives for re-use on the UK network, and now the speculative overhaul of a small number of Class 87s for UK or European use.

Europhoenix can also offer similar solutions for former UK diesel locomotives. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


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